Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Screws loose...

After my check up a couple of weeks ago, everthing looked fine on the x-rays and I was told I could drill but not spar. I haven't attended class to avoid any unfortunate events from occurring. In the lieu of going to class I picked up a book by Dave Camarillo, found some great Jiu-jisu blogs and free instruction from a man named Stephen Kesting.

At the moment I'm sitting down and if I point my toes up/down or rotate my ankle I feel the screws or maybe even the bar moving. It's not my imagination, something is shifting around in there. After 20 years, it's time to take the hardware out. I'm not sure if there's a recovery time but I'm gonna find out more information from the Sports Surgeon on May 17th. I'm hoping it's just go in, take the stuff out and I'm on crutches for a short time but whatever happens I'd like to be able to get back on the mats ASAP!!! Please!!!!

As far as training goes, I've been doing my sit ups and other than drilling, I've been slacking on the other workouts. When I do anything Jiu-jitsu related it's usually out of Dave Camarillo's book or a position from Stephen Kesting's .pdf file that I'd downloaded. My son and I have decided to start from the beginning pages of Dave's book and are currently working on Grips.

Grip fighting is such a basic tactic to control your opponents balance and movements by using his Gi and applying different force to the garment. I don't know if I would have ever picked up on it just by rolling with other people in class, so i'm glad I picked up this book. Either way I'm glad that it was detailed in the book and it's going to be something my son and I work on before any rolling takes place. My daughter right now is working on Grips as well but she's doing this as a 6 year old in Judo. Maybe using grips is a Judo technique and not used so much in Jiu-jitsu? I dunno, but we're working on Grips with her too. In a more entertaining way of course so that she thinks she's playing rather than training.

My eating has reverted back to what it was which isn't good. So at the moment, I'm not a model jiu-jitsu practitionner LOL This past weekend though, I've started to watch what I'm eating again and have been doing okay at it, not good mind you. Just okay. Oh and I found out that Banh Mi (vietnamese sandwiches) are not good for you 3x a week. Damn I gotta find a new lunch place!

A combination of things have made me realize that I am not starting out the my learning process where I should be. When I get to class focus is mainly on rolling with someone and drilling what was taught the previous hour or it's free roll time with a partner. Can you see the problem there? I am missing the Instruction portion of the course, althought I really appreciate people helping me out, the fact is that I am being taught by another white belt or a blue belt. Sensei does an excellent job with the students, the skilled technique of the students are proof of this, but I think at this time I am in need of focus on the basic positioning and movements of Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu.

What really sucks is I enjoy just walking into the place I train at, the people are really nice, the facility is excellent, the drive from work to the Academy is very convenient and in my opinion the instruction the students get is very high level. It's going to be very hard to find another place to compete with this one.


  1. Enjoy it while you have it my friend. Whether resting or training :)

  2. Grips are super important in jits :) And like Liam says-- enjoy every minute!