Thursday, April 29, 2010

3 Weeks

That was what the doctors told me. 3 weeks of no rolling, I can do drills but I cannot roll, nor can I run or do anything that will put stress on my lower leg. Right now I'm trying to stay motivated and am looking took keep my diet, smoking reduction and exercise going.

I've found a free ebook written by Stephan Kesting and I downloaded it. Haven't had time to read into it but just from a quick glance through the pdf file it seems very informative. It's geared towards beginners so I'm sure I'll get some great information out of it! Here's the link to his site and yes it's FREE!!!

I think for my training, I'm going to hold off on going to class altogether. I don't want to be put into a position I shouldn't be in and if I do get injured I don't want anyone else to feel bad about it. The gym does have a weight room so I'll be spending my time in there and will continue my ab and stretch work at home.

I'm gonna stop posting what I ate, I figure it'll be easier to post any BS that I've eaten cause it'll save me time. I'm lazy. On the parttimegrappler blog I saw a new way of eating called the Warriors Diet, it sounds interesting and I'll see if I can find excerpts from the book to see if it'd be something I can work with.

As I mentioned above, I'm following yet another informative blog "Grappling and BJJ tips. The Part-Time Grappler: People who have a life outside the gym" It's got a lot of good insight into BJJ and how it relates to life. Reading these blogs made me realize that I don't know how to write LOL I know how to write but folks who I've found myself following actually know how to write well! one day maybe I'll decide to start writing better, for now you'll just have to deal with my scatterbrained style of blogging :)

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